The co-facilitators of the intergovernmental process on a Declaration on Future Generations have released a revised draft of the Declaration. It is the co-facilitators’ belief that the text “successfully addresses the needs and interests of future generations while reflecting the priorities and actions envisioned by Member States.”

In a letter dated 31 May 2024, Permanent Representative of Jamaica Brian Christopher Manley Wallace and Permanent Representative of the Netherlands Yoka Brandt thank all delegations for their active engagement in the first reading of the zero draft on 14 and 17 May, with the compilation document used as a resource. “The collaborative spirit and constructive feedback received underscore our shared dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive future for all,” they state.

Annexed to the letter is the revised draft (REV1), which “has been carefully crafted to reflect the collective insights, written inputs, general comments, and interventions made by Member States to date.”

An explanatory note describes the co-facilitators’ working methodology in progressing from the zero draft to the revised version. The note explains that the revised draft is based on written submissions and oral interventions made during the first reading. It further notes that, per Member States’ guidance, the co-facilitators “continued to aim for a succinct, action-oriented document following a three-pronged approach,” following which:

  • Adjustments were made to the text to reflect language and phraseology common to the UN system;
  • The co-facilitators prioritized identifying areas of clear consensus, added a paragraph to adequately address the specific interests and rights of persons with disabilities, and sought to promote unified language; and
  • To avoid duplication with other parallel processes, new language proposals that included elements already being negotiated in detail in the context of the Pact for the Future and/or the Global Digital Compact were not brought forward.

The second reading of the Declaration on Future Generations commenced on 10 June when Member States and Observers began paragraph-by-paragraph negotiations of the text. The second reading will continue on 14 June.

According to the co-facilitators’ roadmap, REV2 will be issued on 17 June, with the third reading scheduled for 26 June.

If intergovernmentally agreed, the Declaration on Future Generations would form one of the outcomes of the Summit of the Future in September 2024, along with the Pact for the Future and the Global Digital Compact. [Letter from Co-facilitators Dated 31 May 2024]