11 February 2011
OECD Brochure Summarizes Key OECD Publications on Biodiversity
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This summary document, "Recent OECD Work on Biodiversity," compiles insights on biodiversity policies, including economic instruments, and biodiversity impacts of climate change, agriculture and biotechnology.

January 2011: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a brochure, titled “Recent OECD Work on Biodiversity,” summarizing recent insights on economic valuation and policies related to biodiversity, sector-specific analyses, and recent and forthcoming publications.

The summary document offers key points on a range of topical biodiversity-related research and policy fields. Under the heading “Economic and Policy Analysis of Biodiversity,” the document focuses on selected results, objectives and issues regarding: biodiversity indicators, valuation and assessment; economic instruments, incentives and markets; and finance, development and distributional issues.

The document also locates biodiversity impacts within specific sectors and phenomena, with attention to climate change, agriculture, water, fisheries and biotechnology. Each section contains links to relevant OECD work. [Publication: Recent OECD Work on Biodiversity]

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