24-28 November 2021 virtual
World Congress on Water, Agriculture and Climate

The World Congress on Water, Agriculture and Climate is taking place on the theme: Building Climate change resilience through ecosystem restoration. It will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss approaches for food and water security in a changing climate, and explore a climate-resilient future through technology intervention and adoption, with the aim of suggesting a policy framework for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Congress, which is being hosted by the International River-Basin Foundation-India, is a bi-annual meeting of all associates of the World Council of Professionals and Industries, and global experts. The main themes of the Congress are:

  • water availability and agricultural production in changing climate;
  • food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture;
  • ecosystem restoration and climate emergency;
  • future of agriculture and sustainable food production;
  • securing healthy waters, catchments and ecosystems;
  • adopting smart technologies, policies, processes and capacity building;
  • sharing and communicating data, knowledge and information; and
  • delivering SDG outcomes.

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dates: 24-28 November 2021
location: virtual
www: https://iribaf.org/worldcongress21/

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