30 March 2023 New York City, US
UNGA High-level Meeting on Zero Waste

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) High-level Meeting on Zero Waste will focus on the role of zero waste as a transformative solution in achieving the SDGs.

Convened by the UNGA President, in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UN-Habitat, the Meeting aims to:

  • raise awareness and provide a platform to promote sustainable and environmentally sound practices of preventing, minimizing, and managing waste through resource efficiency and responsible production and consumption of products in a closed, circular system;
  • share good practices from local and national zero-waste initiatives as catalytic tools for the promotion of sustainable consumption and production patterns;
  • promote multi-stakeholder partnerships to scale up the implementation of sustainable consumption, production, and circularity policies and programmes; and
  • advocate best practices for the recognition of the International Day of Zero Waste by the main stakeholders and raise awareness for consumer behavioral change, innovation, and new technologies, sustainable urban planning, and investments in green infrastructure to prevent wasteful use of natural resources.

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date: 30 March 2023
location: New York City, US
www: https://www.un.org/pga/77/2023/03/09/letter-from-the-president-of-the-general-assembly-zero-waste-hlm-concept-note/

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