2-4 May 2012 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing 2012

The Liechtenstein Congress is organized and hosted by the University of Liechtenstein, to provide a platform for practical research and informed practice in sustainable development and responsible investing. The 2012 Congress will focus on: responsible investing for foundations, institutions and individuals; renewable city: architecture, property and infrastructure; and responsible business and information systems.  

dates: 2-4 May 2012   location: Vaduz, Liechtenstein   contact: Andreas Jaeger   phone: +423 265 11 42   e-mail: andreas.jaeger@uni.li   www: http://www.uni.li/LiechtensteinCongress/LiechtensteinCongress2012/tabid/2068/language/en-US/Default.aspx  

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