11-15 September 2022 Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark
IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition 2022

The International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress and Exhibition 2022 will be held on the theme, ‘Water for Smart Liveable Cities.’ The event will report on the water sector’s progress on the SDGs and focus in particular on the digital economy, smart and liveable cities, entrepreneurship and diffusion of innovation, climate change adaptation, community and customer engagement, and sustainability.

Organized by the IWA, the congress and exhibition will explore smart, holistic, and liveable city solutions that utilize synergies between various intelligent systems, empower cities to adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life and wellbeing of their communities.

The event convenes as part of the “roadmap” to the UN 2023 Water Conference.

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dates: 11-15 September 2022
location: Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark
www: https://worldwatercongress.org/

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