19-21 January 2020 Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt
International Forum on Migration Statistics 2020

The International Forum on Migration Statistics (IFMS) is a global platform devoted to improving data on migration in all its dimensions.

The second edition of the IFMS will be hosted by the African Union (AU) and the Egyptian Government, which is the current chair for the AU. IFMS 2020 will address disaggregation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets by migratory status (SDG 17.16), and will focus on six themes:

  • Strengthening data for policy; 
  • Capacity development and financing; 
  • Data collection and innovation; 
  • Measuring progress on the SDGs and other global commitments; 
  • Cooperation and data governance; and 
  • Improving availability of data on migrants in vulnerable situations.

dates: 19-21 January 2020
location: Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt
www: https://www.iom.int/ifms/formal-agenda

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