19-25 January 2021 Groningen, Netherlands
Climate Adaptation Week Groningen

Climate Adaptation Week Groningen is part of the movement towards a climate-proof society. In the run-up to this week, several digital (and, if possible, physical) events, projects and activities will be organized around the topic of climate adaptation. The climate activities in Groningen will show the diverse aspects of climate adaptation and specific expertise in Northern Netherlands. Through the Climate Adaptation Week, Groningen also aims to prepare its inhabitants for possible disruptions in our society and how to deal with them.

As part of the Week, the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 will take place online, on 25 January. During this Summit, world leaders will meet online to discuss climate adaptation, make agreements and turn to action.

As host cities of the Global Center on Adaptation, both Groningen and Rotterdam are organizing various activities on the theme of climate adaptation, in the run-up to the Climate Adaptation Summit.

The Groningen Climate Adaptation Week is being organised by the Akkoord van Groningen and the Global Center on Adaptation, in collaboration with Nationaal Programma Groningen.

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dates: 19-25 January 2021
location: Groningen, Netherlands
www: https://klimaatadaptatiegroningen.nl/en/climate-adaptation-week/

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