16 November 2017
Ten Years of Knowledge Sharing for Disaster Risk Reduction
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PreventionWeb’s knowledge base contains over 38,000 content entries, and is launching new features today as it celebrates its tenth anniversary.

A new feature permits community members to create and share content collections, highlighting important resources on a topic of interest.

From catastrophic monsoon flooding to record-breaking hurricanes, the recent spate of extreme weather events is a stark reminder of the daunting human and economic costs of disasters. As small islands states know all too well, a cyclone can wipe away years of development efforts in a matter of hours. If we are to achieve the SDGs, we must reduce disaster risk and increase resilience.

Promoting risk-informed development and supporting the work of disaster risk reduction (DRR), development and humanitarian professionals is at the heart of PreventionWeb’s mission, the global knowledge sharing platform for DRR. Launched in 2007 by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), today the platform celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Updated daily, PreventionWeb’s knowledge base features over 38,000 content entries, including news, publications, policies and plans, meetings, conferences and training events. At the ten-year mark, PreventionWeb is also launching some exciting new features.

Promote your work on PreventionWeb

Inputs from users are critical to inform our editorial work. Ten years in, PreventionWeb remains first and foremost a collaborative platform, with content for and from the global DRR community. We welcome content submissions from organizations, large and small, working towards reducing disaster risk and building disaster resilience. With an average of 90,000 monthly visits and close to 10,000 subscribers, sharing your work on PreventionWeb allows you to reach a wide community of DRR and development professionals.

Leverage content from our knowledge base

Among the new features being launched today, community members can now create and share content collections, highlighting important resources on a topic of interest. Select and tag relevant content such as news, publications, blog posts and bring them together on a collection page, which you can share with your network. Use this feature to highlight emerging issues or put together a package of resources in support of a training or event.

In an effort to promote DRR knowledge to new audiences and platforms, we now offer free access to our knowledge base, through a public API. The technology allows organizations to use, publish and contextualise PreventionWeb’s content, alongside their own data. The data can be filtered by theme, hazard, region or country and repurposed in a database, website or mobile app.

Celebrate with us!

Join us as we embark on a new decade of knowledge sharing for DRR! Subscribe to our daily or weekly alerts to keep up to date on everything DRR. We also want to hear from you: contact us at preventionweb@un.org to explore collaboration opportunities and share your suggestions on the future of the platform.

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