World Bank Institute Hosts Video Conference on Urban Efforts to Mitigate Emissions
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The World Bank Institute (WBI) hosted a video conference on options for major cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including increasing urban mobility options and using carbon markets to support urban mitigation efforts.

World Bank16 August 2011: The World Bank Institute (WBI) hosted a video conference and live chat on how major cities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, discussing topics including urban mobility, integrated waste management, and technological applications for energy demand management.Participants also discussed barriers to scaling-up mitigation efforts, regulatory constraints for energy distribution, and external factors such as global economic instabilities, poor financial management, limited resources, and lack of capacity and awareness. Examples of moving from ideas to action were demonstrated as well, such as cycling and tree planting, as well as opportunities for the use of carbon markets to mitigate emissions in major cities. [World Bank Institute Press Release]

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