8 March 2018 Brussels, Belgium
Integrated and Sustained Ocean Observing: A European Strategy

The first European Ocean Observation System (EOOS) Forum will bring together the main ocean observing funders, implementers and users in Europe. It will examine the extent to which the current observing systems are sustainable today, and what opportunities and threats there are. Initiated by the EOOS Steering Group as the main forum for an integrated European Ocean Observing System, the event will discuss the EOOS strategy and seek feedback from the funders, implementers and users on the way forward.

The meeting will: present and discuss the EOOS strategy delivered by the EOOS Steering Group further to the stakeholder survey on the EOOS consultation document; highlight the main opportunities and threats to the delivery of EOOS and the downstream services linked to the funding sustainability; demonstrate examples of national or EU funding commitments to EOOS-related infrastructures and services; discuss sensitivities and bottlenecks to sustainable and integrated EOOS; and promote the value of communications in achieving the EOOS objectives.

The meeting will aim to produce: an EOOS strategy; a forum report; and conclusions that feed into the EOOS Conference in Brussels on 21-23 November 2018.

date: 8 March 2018
location: Brussels, Belgium
www: http://www.eoos-ocean.eu/forum/

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