10 April 2019 Republic of Korea
Adaptation Forum 2019

In 2018, the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee and the International Trade Centre co-organized a workshop on fostering engagement of the agri-food sector in resilience to climate change. Adaptation Forum 2019 will share the key outcomes of the workshop and facilitate dialogues on challenges and solutions with key actors from diverse perspectives.

The Forum will include two sessions, the first one focusing on the challenges and the second one focusing on the opportunities in engaging the private sector in adaptation planning processes, including the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process, in particular beyond the implementation phase.

The event takes place during Korea Global Adaptation Week.

date: 10 April 2019
location: Republic of Korea
additional: Songdo
www: https://unfccc.int/event/2019-adaptation-forum-by-the-adaptation-committee-engagement-of-the-private-sector-in-naps