4-8 November 2013 Nairobi, Kenya
INTERPOL-UNEP International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference

The INTERPOL-UNEP conference will bring together executive leaders to design a joint international strategy to tackle environmental crime. Cooperation between intergovernmental organizations and the environmental enforcement actions of focus for the international community in the coming years will be the main topics of discussion during the conference. The Conference will see the 1st Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Committee (ECEC) meeting held from 7-8 November 2013, which will bring together executive leaders from around the world to design and develop strategies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of national and international responses to environmental compliance and enforcement. The Conference will also host the 24th Meeting of the INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group, 18th Meeting of the INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group, and 2nd Meeting of the INTERPOL Fisheries Crime Working Group, all of which will be held in parallel to and will present their findings to the ECEC.  

dates: 4-8 November 2013   location: Nairobi, Kenya   contact: INTERPOL Environmental Crime Programme   e-mail: environmentalcrime@interpol.int   www: http://www.interpol.int/Crime-areas/Environmental-crime/Conferences-and-meetings/Meetings/INTERPOL-Environmental-Compliance-and-Enforcement-Events-2013