6-22 October 2020 virtual
GNDR Global Summit 2020

The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) Global Summit 2020 will provide GNDR members and others from around the world the opportunity to come together to create partnerships, start a localisation movement, and identify opportunities for collaboration to enhance local resilience.

Over three weeks in October, the Summit will feature sessions on emerging topics such as: eco-Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); what Covid-19 means for risk-informed development; anticipatory fundraising; connecting donors to local civil society organisations; tools to reduce disaster risk in conflict settings; and many more themes related to the objectives of the GNDR new five-year strategy Local Leadership for Global Impact.

There will also be several professional training opportunities offered related to areas that members have identified as priorities for capacity building. These include how to develop strong proposals and how to collaborate with parliamentarians to design policies more effectively.

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dates: 6-22 October 2020
location: virtual
www: https://gndr.org/news/events/item/2051-digital-global-summit-october-2020-%E2%80%93-register-now.html

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