2-5 October 2023 Rome, Lazio, Italy
Global Symposium on Soils and Water

The Global Symposium on Soils and Water is a science-policy forum that aims to review the relationship between soil and water in achieving sustainable and resilient agrifood systems. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) is organizing the event with the Global Soil Partnership and the Intergovernmental Tropical Panel on Soils (ITPS).

The Symposium will focus on: identifying knowledge gaps, management challenges, and research priorities with respect to soil and water resources in a changing environment; promoting sustainable soil and water management practices to tackle water scarcity and soil degradation; discussing tools and framework for integrated management and governance of soil and water resources; and examining strategies for promoting sustainable soil management, solutions to water scarcity and low water quality, reuse of water, and reducing soil pollution. The Symposium will focus on four themes:

  • Soil and water management in rainfed agriculture;
  • Soil and water management in irrigated agriculture;
  • Soil and water management under the One Health framework, including exploring the linkages between soil health and water quality with a One Health approach; and
  • Integrated soil and water management and effective governance.

The Symposium will coincide with the 2023 Water Rome Dialogue, enabling exchange among participants of the two events. The events will convene for a joint closing plenary session.

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dates: 2-5 October 2023
location: Rome, Lazio, Italy
www: https://www.fao.org/events/detail/symposium-soils-and-water/

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