23-24 April 2022 Kumamoto, Japan
Fourth Asia-Pacific Water Summit (4th APWS)

The Fourth Asia-Pacific Water Summit (4th APWS) will take place under the theme, “Water for Sustainable Development–Best Practices and the Next Generation,” and bring together high-level delegates including heads of state from the Asia-Pacific region and representatives of international organizations to discuss various water-related issues.

The meeting, which is being organized by Kumamoto City of Japan and the Asia-Pacific Water Forum, aims to trigger the region’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to provide an opportunity to follow up to the Yangon Declaration. This Declaration was adopted by the 3rd APWS in 2017 and lays out a pathway for upscaling innovation for water security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The APWS is a unique platform established to provide an effective mechanism for collaborative water resources management and integration of water resources management into the socio-economic development process of the Asia-Pacific region.

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dates: 23-24 April 2022
location: Kumamoto, Japan
www: https://www.4apws-kumamoto2022.jp/

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