7-9 January 2013 Izmir, Turkey
6th International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment (2013 IPWE)

This conference organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers Environment and Water Resources Institute (ASCE-EWRI) will focus on a number of tracks including: advanced wastewater treatment technologies; climate change and environmental impacts; flood risks and flash floods; hazardous waste and solid waste management; water quality planning, management and monitoring; water resources planning and management; artificial groundwater recharge; coastal and marine pollution; droughts and their impacts on water resources; ecological modeling and assessment; environmental modeling and assessment; groundwater flow and contaminant transport; hydrologic and hydraulic engineering and modeling; marine outfalls and waste disposal systems; water supply and sanitation in urban and non-urban areas; wetlands restoration and protection; conflict resolution in interstate and international water disputes; effect of urbanization on water resources and water quality; inter-basin transfer of water; irrigation management and land reclamation; rainfall and runoff harvesting; safety and security of environmental and water resources infrastructure; snow hydrology; and wastewater reclamation.  

dates: 7-9 January 2013   location: Izmir, Turkey   contact: EWRI   phone: +1 703 295-6300   fax: +1 703 295-6222   e-mail: ewri@asce.org   www: http://content.asce.org/conferences/ipwe2013/index.html