At the Sixth Our Ocean Conference, WorldFish announced a commitment to develop a multi-year global research program on fish and future aquatic foods. WorldFish’s commitment aims to help accelerate efforts to achieve the SDGs and expand understanding of the role of aquatic foods for human well-being and planetary health.

To hasten regional and national efforts to meet the SDGs, WorldFish will support the establishment of a Fish for Africa Innovation Hub, which is expected to support efforts to build a sustainable and inclusive blue economy. The Hub will promote market, policy, science and technology innovations on affordable, sustainable and safe fish and aquatic foods to transform aquaculture and fish value chains. Through this commitment, WorldFish aims to build a coalition of public and private partners to “accelerate the transition to sustainable aquatic food systems and enhanced ocean governance.”

WorldFish’s US$1 million pledge at the 2019 Our Ocean Conference complements the organization’s 2017 commitment of US$57.8 million to generate scientific research and innovations to support sustainable small-scale fisheries.[WorldFish Press Release] [SDG Knowledge Hub Story on 2019 Our Ocean Conference]