19 October 2012
SEI Policy Brief Recommends Integration of UN Energy Targets with Other Development Goals
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The policy brief highlights that the focus on providing basic energy access for all needs to be supplemented with wider developmental and environmental goals, and recommends both increased government support for energy system transformations and the integration of energy targets in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

16 October 2012: A new policy brief by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) examines the implications of the UN’s goal to provide sustainable energy for all, and provides policy recommendations at the national and global level to enable a better integration of energy targets with broader sustainable development goals.

The policy brief is based on a study, titled “Energy for a Shared Development Agenda: Global Scenarios and Governance Implications,” which was released in June. The brief argues that when aiming to achieve sustainable energy for all, two challenges need to be tackled: moving beyond only providing basic energy access for the poor to also address the root causes of underdevelopment; and preventing energy provision from undermining environmental goals.

The brief highlights that market-based instruments are insufficient to achieve the necessary transformations in energy systems, and that governments should put more effort in research and development, mobilizing investment capital, and nurturing innovation in energy systems.

The brief further recommends that: the UN system find a strong, permanent institutional home for energy; energy targets be formally adopted within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources be integrated and coherent with other political priorities; and mechanisms for transparency and accountability be established to promote more open decision-making at the global level. [SEI Press Release] [Publication: Energy for a Shared Development Agenda: Global Scenarios and Governance Implications] [IISD RS story on initial study: SEI Report Analyzes Integration of Energy Access in the Development Agenda]

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