18 January 2018
Gold Standard Launches Gender Equality Framework
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The Gold Standard Gender Equality Framework allows project developers and funders to quantify and certify the impacts of climate action on SDG 5 (Gender Equality).

The Framework's guidelines address key steps and tools to ensure gender equality in project design and implementation.

The Framework is part of the 'Gold Standard for the Global Goals,' a certification standard that seeks to ensure the climate action also contributes to the SDGs.

15 January 2018: Gold Standard, a certification body for climate action, has released a framework to assess contributions of climate action to SDG 5 (Gender Equality) that enables developers and funders of climate projects to maximize contributions to empowering women and girls.

The Framework lays out gender-sensitive requirements and guidelines to ensure that gender equality is a core feature of project design, assess gender impacts, and incentive projects that pro-actively address gender gaps. The framework will enable developers to access funding from a growing number of “gender-lens” investors by quantifying and certifying gender impacts based on best practices.

The Framework’s guidelines address key steps and tools to ensure gender equality in project design and implementation, including: consultations; safeguards assessments; gender baseline analysis; and measurement of progress towards goals. It also provides examples of possible gender targets, such as: increasing girls’ school enrollment and graduation rates; increasing income generation opportunities for women and equal pay; or improved access to financial mechanisms for women.

The Gender Equality Framework becomes part of the ‘Gold Standard for the Global Goals,’ a certification standard that aims to ensure that climate action projects also contribute to the SDGs. Gold Standard is a certification body established by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other NGOs in 2003 to catalyze more ambitious action for climate security and sustainable development. [Gold Standard Press Release][Gold Standard Gender Equality Requirements and Guidelines][Gold Standard for the Global Goals]

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