29 May 2018
Co-facilitators Update Draft Global Compact on Migration Ahead of June Negotiations
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The co-facilitators for negotiations on the global compact on migration circulated the second revised draft of the compact, which includes a new, 23rd objective, and makes revisions to each of the previous 22 objectives, as well.

The Rev 2 draft also updates the sections on implementation and follow-up and review to reflect expected “institutional rearrangements”.

The co-facilitators will conduct an objective-by-objective reading of the text during the consultations on 4-8 June.

28 May 2018: The co-facilitators for negotiations on the global compact on migration have circulated the second revised draft of the compact, reflecting intergovernmental consultations held to date. The section setting out a cooperative framework for safe, orderly and regular migration includes a new, stand-alone objective on international cooperation.

The compact text highlights its “360-degree” vision of international migration, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach that addresses benefits as well as risks and challenges, and covers countries of origin, transit, destination and return. By the text, Member States would acknowledge their shared responsibilities “as Member States of the United Nations to address each other’s needs and concerns over migration, and an overarching obligation to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights of all migrants, regardless of their migration status, while promoting the security and prosperity of all our communities.”

The majority of the document consists of a “cooperative framework” made up of 23 objectives, each with an associated commitment and set of policy options and best practices. The 23rd objective, to ‘Strengthen international cooperation and global partnerships for safe, orderly and regular migration,’ has been included following discussions among Member States at the fourth round of negotiations (14-18 May 2018).

During that meeting, Comoros for the African Group made a proposal for an additional, stand-alone objective to be included in the compact to address international cooperation. Austria for a group of 27 EU states, however, and others preferred to incorporate elements of the African Group’s proposal into Objective 2 (minimize the adverse drivers and structural factors that compel people to leave their country of origin)” Japan said that adding a separate objective on international cooperation would be “awkward,” given its relevance to all objectives.

The 28 May text (Rev 2) features substantial revisions to each of the previous 22 objectives. It also includes updates in the sections on implementation and follow-up and review to reflect “institutional rearrangements” stemming from internal consultations on the part of the UN Secretary-General’s office, according to the co-facilitators’ letter to Member States.

The fifth round of negotiations will convene from 4-8 June 2018. The co-facilitators intend to lead an “objective-by-objective reading” of the entire text. Two informal dialogues with stakeholders will take place during the week, as well.

The previous version of the draft compact dated 26 March (draft Rev 1) was discussed in consultations held from 3-6 April and 14-18 May. Negotiations are being led by Juan José Gómez Camacho, Permanent Representative of Mexico, and Jürg Lauber, Permanent Representative of Switzerland. [Rev 2 and Co-facilitators’ Letter] [SDG Knowledge Hub story on beginning of fourth round] [SDG Knowledge Hub story on conclusion of fourth round] [All coverage of migration compact process]

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