The Secretariat of the Strategic Approach for International Chemicals Management (SAICM) has circulated a report from the December 2019 meeting of the High Ambition Alliance on Chemicals and Waste. The report is expected to be considered during the fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5) in October 2020, in Bonn, Germany.

The Alliance discussed a possible new framework for chemicals management and linkages with combating climate change.

The High Ambition Alliance met in Madrid, Spain, on 9 December 2019, on the sidelines of the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 25). According to the meeting report (SAICM/IP.4/INF/8), the Alliance called for a high-level declaration at ICCM5 on a strengthened SAICM beyond 2020 with enhanced action by more stakeholders. Alliance members also discussed: interlinkages between sound chemicals and waste management and combating climate change; work towards a UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution to adopt a new framework for chemicals management; and linkages with and the need for action in other sectors, including health, labor, and agriculture.

The High Ambition Alliance is jointly facilitated by Uruguay and Sweden. It was established in July 2018 to promote dialogue and cooperation to raise awareness, ensure commitments, and promote ambitious, sound chemicals and waste management. Alliance members include: Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, the US, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), IPEN, the International Council of Chemicals Association, and IKEA.

The Alliance’s work supports the ‘Beyond 2020 inter-sessional process’ mandated by ICCM4 in 2015, and the adoption of an ambitious global chemicals and waste agenda at ICCM 5 for the post-2020 period. The intersessional process was scheduled to have its fourth meeting from 23-27 March 2020, in Bucharest, Romania. That meeting has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The next meeting of the Alliance is tentatively scheduled to meet in June 2020 on the margins of the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. [Report of the Meeting of the High Ambition Alliance on Chemicals and Waste]