2 October 2018
#10Things Campaign Raises Awareness on Climate Action
Photo Credit: Lynn Wagner
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Each day between the Global Climate Action Summit and Climate Week NYC, Climate Week NYC shared one Thing to inspire and showcase climate action.

The Campaign addressed the following ten Things: travel, fashion, food, water, plastic, lighting, health, electric vehicles, recycling and grassroots involvement.

24 September 2018: Climate Week NYC launched the ‘10 Things’ campaign. The campaign has released each of the ten Things to raise awareness of climate change and accelerate climate action in the days between the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) and Climate Week NYC.

The GCAS, which took place in San Francisco, US, from 12-14 September 2018, brought together leaders from government, business and the global community to inspire greater global ambition to act on climate change. Climate Week NYC convenes on the side of the opening of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), and seeks to drive climate action forward. The Week is convening from 24-30 September 2018. Climate Week NYC released one Thing each day from 14-23 September.

The ten Things are:

  1. Travel: This Thing encourages more sustainable travel and showcases sustainable tourism options. The Thing encouraged participants to share the most sustainable holiday they have ever taken, record a video about how their next trip will be more sustainable or tell visitors how to travel around New York City in a more sustainable way.
  2. Fashion: This Thing focused on opportunities for people to support climate action through clothes that they wear. The Thing encouraged participants to share tips for washing clothes without hurting the environment, wear vintage clothing or take a selfie in sustainable clothing.
  3. Food: This Thing promoted sustainable food as a way to support climate action. The Thing encouraged participants to tag their favorite climate-conscious restaurant during Eat for Climate Week, take pictures of their favorite sustainable meals or snacks or tweet about how to cook using leftover food and scraps.
  4. Water: This Thing called for advice on how to save water and minimize the threat of climate change to water supplies and the world’s oceans, seas and lakes. The Thing encouraged participants to share speedy-shower playlists, tweet favorite water-safe, non-polluting products or use recycled water to tend a garden.
  5. Plastic: This Thing provided an opportunity for individuals or businesses to highlight actions to reduce plastic packaging and products and reduce waste. The Thing encouraged participants to record low-plastic packaging grocery shopping, tweet favorite low-plastic grocers, cafes and businesses or promote the use of reusable cups.
  6. Lighting: This Thing focused on simple steps to reduce the carbon footprint of light use, and highlighted the benefits of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. The Thing encouraged participants to video their office turning the lights off at night, make their energy use more efficient and share favorite eco-friendly lighting designs.
  7. Health: This Thing highlighted how being active can contribute to a healthy planet. The Thing encouraged participants to showcase favorite outdoor workouts, share pictures of bikes, skateboards and other sustainable forms of transport and tweet sustainable gym wear and healthy recipes with seasonal, local ingredients.
  8. Electric Vehicles: This Thing focused on electric vehicles, including electric taxis and electric public transportation. The Thing encouraged participants to showcase their electric transport, take an electric bus or taxi and share how their business is going greener.
  9. Recycling: This Thing shared ways to recycle better, including raising awareness about common things that should not be recycled (for example, dirty pizza boxes) and common items that should be recycled but are not (for example, paper). The Thing encouraged participants to share recycling methods, tweet recycling projects for families and film recycling lifehacks or upcycle furniture or clothing.
  10. Get Involved: This Thing focused on the grassroots role that people can play to influence their friends and family, from voting to volunteering. Through this Thing, the campaign provided a platform for small non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charities in New York City to talk about the importance of becoming involved in climate action. This Thing further encouraged participants to share their community of “climate-conscious companions” or tweet about groups doing climate work.

The Campaign encouraged participants to share stories and images of each Thing on social media to raise awareness. [Climate Week NYC Press Release]

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