30 June - 1 July 2022 New York City, US
UN High-level Meeting on Road Safety

The UN General Assembly will hold a high‑level meeting on improving global road safety in July 2022, as mandated in A/RES/75/308 adopted in July 2021

The 2030 Agenda contains two targets specifically addressing road safety: SDG target 3.6, to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes (on which the UNGA passed a resolution in August 2020); and SDG target 11.2, to improve road safety in the provision of access to transport systems and expanding public transport. 

The theme of the high-level meeting will be 'The 2030 horizon for road safety:  securing a decade of action and delivery,' and it is expected to result in a political decision. The high-level meeting aims to:

  • address gaps and challenges,
  • mobilize political leadership,
  • promote multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration, and 
  • assess the progress made in attaining the objectives of the road safety-related SDG targets.

The high-level meeting will comprise an opening segment, a plenary segment, up to three multi-stakeholder thematic panel discussions and a brief closing segment. The themes of the multi-stakeholder panels will take into consideration the road safety-related SDG targets and their implementation gaps.

Organizational arrangements for the high-level meeting are to be finalized by the UNGA President. 

dates: 30 June – 1 July 2022
location: New York City, US
www: https://undocs.org/en/A/RES/75/308