16-17 April 2024 Athens, Attiki, Greece
Our Ocean Conference 2024

The ninth Our Ocean Conference will focus on the theme, ‘An Ocean of Potential’. The Conference aims to foster collaborative efforts and encourage the submission of clear and measurable voluntary commitments to protect and sustainably manage the world’s seas and oceans and their resources.

In 2014, the US Department of State and Secretary of State John Kerry launched the Our Ocean Conference to fill a then-existing gap in global ocean governance. Since its launching, the Conference has become an overarching forum for dialogue that brings together governments, intergovernmental organizations, academia, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss and promote a common vision for ocean conservation and action.

The six areas of action on which the 2024 Conference will focus are as follows: marine protected areas (MPAs); sustainable blue economies; climate change; maritime security; sustainable fisheries; and marine pollution. In addition, as the Conference host, Greece identified four additional focus areas: sustainable tourism in coastal areas and islands; green shipping; plastic and microplastic pollution; and the green transition in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Conference will feature a Youth Leadership Summit, in partnership with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance. The Summit aims to involve and empower the next generation in tackling key challenges related to the Conference’s six areas of action. The Summit will also emphasize education, employability, including upskilling and reskilling, and foster ocean awareness to address challenges and opportunities in the marine sciences and sustainable resource management.

The SDG Knowledge Hub Our Ocean Conference summaries for previous years are available for: 20222019201720162015, and 2014.

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dates: 16-17 April 2024
location: Athens, Attiki, Greece
www: https://www.ourocean2024.gov.gr/about-the-9th-our-ocean-conference/