6-8 September 2017 New York City, US
Ninth Meeting of the Regular Process

The Ninth Meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group of the Whole on the Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment, including Socioeconomic Aspects (Regular Process) will meet from 6-8 September 2017. The General Assembly, in its resolution 71/257 of 23 December 2017 on 'Oceans and the law of the sea,' recalled that the Regular Process shall be overseen and guided by its Ad Hoc Working Group of the Whole, and decided that the Working Group shall facilitate the delivery of the outputs of the second cycle as outlined in the programme of work for the period 2017-2020 for the second cycle of the Regular Process.

In accordance with the programme of work, the Group of Experts have prepared a Note on the elements for discussion on the scope and structure of the assessment(s) of the second cycle of the Regular Process, which will inform the scoping and preparation of the draft outline(s) for the assessment(s). The Working Group will have the opportunity to provide input on these elements, which will be made available in advance of the meeting. The Working Group will also have the opportunity to provide input on capacity building, including on the compilation and maintenance of a capacity building inventory, and on the holding of a multi-stakeholder dialogue (case studies of good practices) and a capacity-building partnership event.

dates: 6-8 September 2017
venue: UN Headquarters
location: New York City, US
www: http://www.un.org/depts/los/global_reporting/21_07_2017_AHWGW9_Notification.pdf