9 July 2020 virtual
Making Voices Heard and Count: Community-driven Data as Transformative Means for Accelerated Action and SDG Delivery

Organized by the International Civil Society Centre and its partners, this HLPF side event will present case studies on the potential of community-driven data to make the voices of the most vulnerable populations heard and count in SDG implementation and SDG monitoring and review.

Speakers from Kenya, Nepal, and India will showcase online platforms for community-driven data collection, and discuss with expert stakeholders from national and global organizations.

The objective is to reflect on the potential of community-driven data to serve as a transformative means for accelerating SDG implementation and improving SDG monitoring and review. Specifically, participants will discuss the potential of community-driven data to: close knowledge gaps on the situation of marginalized groups to inform policy making; foster closer collaboration on SDG monitoring and data between an active civil society and authorities at the local and national levels; and deliver locally anchored information to guide adequate SDG responses to COVID-19.

date: 9 July 2020
time: 8:00-10:00 am EDT
location: virtual
contact: International Civil Society Centre
phone: +49 30 20 62 46 97 11
www: https://icscentre.org/2020/07/06/join-making-voices-heard-and-count-at-the-uns-high-level-political-forum/

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