16 November 2015 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
Launch of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace

The Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace is a collective initiative of a group of countries committed to global water issues. The Panel, to be launched by Switzerland and approximately 15 other countries during a public ministerial event, will be established for about two years, and aims to develop proposals to: strengthen the global architecture to prevent and resolve water-related conflicts; facilitate water use for building peace; and put water relations at the center of government policies. While the Panel will function outside the formal UN structure, it will work closely with relevant stakeholders, including the UN, taking into account already existing initiatives and organizations in the water sector. The panel will include eminent persons with political experience from national authorities, civil society, academia, international organizations and the private sector. The Geneva Water Hub will act as the Panel's Secretariat.  

date: 16 November 2015  
  9:00 am – 11:00 am  
venue: WIPO Conference Hall  
location: Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland  
e-mail: contact@genevawaterhub.org  
www: https://www.genevawaterhub.org/content/global-high-level-panel-water-and-peace-ministerial-launch  

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