13 February 2024 virtual
Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation

The Community Development and Knowledge Management for the Satoyama Initiative Programme (COMDEKS) is holding a virtual event on 13 February. At the 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP 15), COMDEKS launched its fourth phase, which will support community-based initiatives for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in about 20 developing countries from 2023-2028. A partnership between the Japanese Ministry of Environment (MOEJ), the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation (KCNC), and the UN Development Programme (UNDP), COMDEKS works to contribute to the implementation of several targets of the Kunming-Montreal GBF.

The virtual event will provide an overview of past and future COMDEKS projects delivered under the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP). It will also present the broader concept of the Satoyama Initiative and its tool on Indicators of Resilience in Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS).

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date: 13 February 2024
time: Hybrid
location: virtual
www: https://www.keidanren.net/kncf/en