21-23 October 2016 worldwide
International Snow Leopard Day

Events across the world are being organized to celebrate International Snow Leopard Day. The Day commemorates the adoption by all snow leopard range countries of the 'Bishkek Declaration,' as well as the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP), on 23 October 2013, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. As part of the celebrations, on Friday, 21 October, there will be a High-level panel event held at UN Headquarters in New York, US. This event, organized by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), GSLEP Secretariat and Kyrgyzstan, will: commemorate the Day; re-enforce GSLEP collaboration and synergies; highlight innovative programming, partnerships and progress on the ground; and strengthen political support and commitment for ongoing and new GSLEP initiatives, including the Global Presidential Summit in Bishkek planned for the summer of 2017.  

dates: 21-23 October 2016  
location: worldwide  
contact: Kyial Alygulova  
e-mail: kyial@globalsnowleopard.org  
www: http://www.globalsnowleopard.org/