23-29 September 2019 Russian Federation
International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions (INCOSAI) XXIII

International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions (INCOSAI) XXIII is expected to convene from 23-29 September 2019, in the Russian Federation.

INCOSAI meets every three years. It is the supreme organ of International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), and is composed of all members. INCOSAI offers all INTOSAI members an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, and pass resolutions and recommendations to improve government accountability worldwide. Participants include delegations of member SAIs as well as representatives of the United Nations, the World Bank and other international and professional organizations.

The 2016 meeting of INCOSAI discussed the theme, “How INTOSAI can contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including good governance and strengthening the fight against corruption”. INCOSAI XXII confirmed the interest of SAIs in carrying out audits and reviews with regard to the SDGs through the following four approaches:

  • Assessing the preparedness of national governments to implement the SDGs;
  • Undertaking performance audits in the context of the SDGs;
  • Contributing to the implementation of SDG 16, which envisages effective, accountable and transparent institutions; and
  • Possibilities for SAIs to act as models of transparency and accountability in their own operations.

A SDG Knowledge Hub story about the work of SAIs to audit national readiness to implement the SDGs is here.

dates: 23-29 September 2019
location: Russian Federation
www: http://www.intosai.org/events/congresses-incosai/next-congress.html