4-8 June 2018 New York City, US
Intergovernmental Negotiations on Migration Compact – June 2018

Intergovernmental negotiations on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration will take place over several sessions between February and July 2018.

In a letter of 22 December 2017, co-facilitators Juan Jose Gomez Camacho, Permanent Representative of Mexico, and Jurg Lauber, Permanent Representative of Switzerland, announced the dates of the sessions. The fifth session will convene from 4-8 June 2018.

SDG Knowledge Hub coverage of the negotiation process for a Global Compact can be found here.

dates: 4-8 June 2018
venue: UN Headquarters, Trusteeship Council Chamber
location: New York City, US
contact: UNGA President's Office
www: http://refugeesmigrants.un.org/intergovernmental-negotiations

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