24 January 2017 New York City, US
Informal High-level Dialogue of UNGA on the Sustaining Peace Agenda

In recognition of the fundamental interlinkages between the 2030 Agenda and Sustaining Peace, UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Peter Thomson will convene a High-level Dialogue titled 'Building Sustainable Peace for All: Synergies between the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustaining Peace Agenda,' with the participation of the President of the UN Security Council, the President of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and the Chair of the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC). The meeting seeks to promote UN system-wide coherence in addressing the two Agenda in view of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16) on peace, justice and strong institutions. The Sustaining Peace agenda has been agreed by the UNGA and the UN Security Council. It seeks to broaden the UN’s peacebuilding engagement beyond post-conflict settings, and to bring a “sustaining peace” perspective to all the UN’s work across peace and security, human rights, and development. The dialogue will include an opening session, a high-level segment, an interactive panel discussion on 'Taking a comprehensive approach to sustainable development and sustaining peace,' and three workshops on: Empowering women, girls and youth for peace and sustainable development; Addressing the root causes of conflict for peace and sustainable development; and Strengthening transparent, inclusive and accountable institutions for peace and sustainable development. The UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) is facilitating a process to identify civil society speakers and other civil society attendees.  

date: 24 January 2017  
venue: UN Headquarters  
location: New York City, US  
contact: Office of the President of the General Assembly  
e-mail: daniel.thomas@un.org  
www: http://www.un.org/pga/71/event-latest/building-sustainable-peace-for-all-synergies-between-the-2030-agenda-for-sustainable-development-and-sustaining-peace/