12-15 February 2019 Paramaribo, Suriname
HFLD Conference on Climate Finance Mobilization

The HFLD Conference on Climate Finance Mobilization will bring together leaders of the high forest cover, low deforestation (HFLD) nations.

Organized by the Government of Suriname, the Conference aims to: strengthen cooperation, collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience among HFLD countries; develop joint strategies and positions to help maintain their intact forests and preserve forest cover; raise awareness of the global importance of HFLD countries and their productive landscapes in combating climate change; share knowledge about climate finance mechanisms available for HFLD countries; and strengthen the payment structure for ecosystem services to advance sustainable development while mitigating the risk of forest destruction and biodiversity loss.

dates: 12-15 February 2019
location: Paramaribo, Suriname
www: https://www.hfldclimatefinance.com/home