13 November 2018 Washington D.C., US
Gender and Energy Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean: The Balance of Power

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) hosts its first-ever Gender and Energy Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean to address issues of workforce inequality and energy insecurity that disproportionately affect women. The Forum will consider two key areas: the significant under-representation of women in the workforce and leadership across the regional power sector; and the adverse impact a lack of energy access has on women. Speakers will discuss policies and programmes for improving gender equality in the LAC region and the energy industry.

The IDB highlights that the global power sector lags in diversity and gender equality, even as it becomes cleaner and more technologically advanced. A 'Women in Power and Utility Index' shows the slow growth in women's participation and senior leadership in the energy sector workforce. Among several institutions driving the gender agenda, the IDB regards this as a critical development issue.

The Forum will gather leaders to explore the causes of the gender gap and assess what can be done. Applications to attend can be submitted at the event website.

date: 13 November 2018
location: Washington D.C., US
contact: Virginia Snyder, IDB
e-mail: virginias@IADB.ORG
www: https://events.iadb.org/calendar/event/18390?lang=en

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