9-10 November 2022 Berlin, Germany
G7 Workshop on Lead as a Major Threat for Human Health and the Environment

The Group of 7 (G7) workshop themed, ‘Lead as a Major Threat for Human Health and the Environment: An Integrated Approach Strengthening Cooperation toward Solutions,’ aims to take stock of activities undertaken by the G7 and others to address lead pollution and develop options for future work and cooperation to reduce sources of lead and minimize lead exposure in developing countries.

Mandated by the G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers in recognition of lead pollution as a burden on human health and the environment globally, this workshop will be co-hosted by the EU and the US under the German G7 Presidency.

To maximize engagement by participants during the workshop, the following guiding questions are provided as part of the agenda:

  • What routes of lead exposure are causing harm?
  • What are good opportunities to reduce routes of lead exposure now?
  • What actions are most effective in addressing lead issues?
  • What can international organizations, industry, and others do that would make a meaningful difference in addressing lead? 
  • What should G7 members prioritize when addressing lead?

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dates: 9-10 November 2022
location: Berlin, Germany
www: https://mcusercontent.com/870822f9bdd9f5c20d7186411/files/e5a8d870-32ca-d5e7-3995-6d9b4b1b853c/Preliminary_Agenda_G7_Workshop_Lead_09_10_Nov_22.pdf