26-27 May 2016 Japan
G7 Summit 2016

The 2016 Group of 7 (G7) Summit in Japan will bring together the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US to address global challenges. Under the Presidency of Japan, the 2016 Ise-Shima Summit will discuss measures to address the global economic slowdown, terrorism, the humanitarian crisis and ongoing conflicts.

Separate meetings of G7 ministers will also take place through the year at various locations around Japan, including meetings of foreign, finance, agriculture, ICT, energy, education, science and technology, environment, health and transport ministers.

The G7 was officially established in 1985 to facilitate economic cooperation among the world's largest industrial nations; summit meetings of the member nations began in 1975.

dates: 26-27 May 2016
venue: Kashikojima, Mie Prefecture
location: Japan
additional: Ise-Shima Summit in Mie Prefecture
contact: Public Relations Office, Cabinet Office and Office of Global Communications, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan
www: http://www.japan.go.jp/g7/index.html

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