24-26 August 2019 Biarritz, Aquitaine, France
G7 Leaders’ Summit 2019

The 2019 G7 Summit, presided over by France, will focus on fighting inequality. France has identified the following five objectives for the Summit:

  • fighting inequality of opportunity, promoting in particular gender equality, access to education and high quality health services;
  • reducing environmental inequality by protecting our planet through climate finance and a fair ecological transition, preserving biodiversity and the oceans;
  • strengthening the social dimension of globalization through more fair and equitable trade, tax and development policies;
  • taking action for peace against security threats and terrorism which weaken the foundations of our societies; and
  • tapping into the opportunities created by digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The French Presidency will seek to bring to the table all relevant stakeholders by convening young people (Youth 7), women (Women 7), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (C7), unions (Labor 7), employers (Business 7), research centers (Think Tanks 7) and academies of science (Science 7).

The seven G7 countries are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. Represented jointly by the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission, the EU participates in all discussions as a guest. The US will take over the G7 Presidency from 1 January 2020.

dates: 24-26 August 2019
location: Biarritz, Aquitaine, France
www: https://www.elysee.fr/en/g7

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