2-3 April 2014 Brussels, Belgium
Fourth EU-Africa Summit

The Fourth European Union (EU)-Africa Summit will take place under the theme 'Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace'. The Summit is an opportunity to review the EU-Africa partnership, including the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, and to highlight achievements, results and areas for further cooperation, such as on the post-2015 development framework. Participants will discuss: climate change; investment, including ways to create jobs and stimulate growth; migration, including legal and illegal migrant flows between the two continents; peace and security, including how to enhance EU support for African capacities to manage security; and education and training. The Summit is expected to adopt a declaration on EU-Africa relations.  

dates: 2-3 April 2014   venue: Council – Justus Lipsius Building, 175 rue de la Loi   location: Brussels, Belgium   phone: +32 (0) 2 281 90 00;   e-mail: press.accreditation@consilium.europa.eu   www: http://www.european-council.europa.eu/eu-africa-summit-2014?lang=en