12-13 March 2024 London, England, UK
Energy Transitions 2024

The Energy Transitions 2024 event will bring together senior leaders, industry experts, and decision makers to explore affordable energy infrastructure, the future of renewable technologies and critical materials, the race for energy sovereignty, and industrial transition pathways. Topics will include: the “energy trilemma,” including geopolitical developments and global mega-trends shaping the energy transition; building affordable energy systems, including the role of investment, government subsidies, and regulations; and navigating net zero, including the role of international collaboration in delivering global decarbonization targets.

The Chatham House is organizing the event. Day one will feature high-level panel discussions, an interactive workshop, and networking sessions. The second day will be an in-person workshop on the future of energy systems.

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dates: 12-13 March 2024
time: Hybrid
location: London, England, UK
www: https://www.chathamhouse.org/events/all/conference/energy-transitions-2024

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