17-19 January 2023 virtual
Emerging Pollutants: Protecting Water Quality for the Health of People and the Environment

The conference will highlight the ways the world can advance knowledge, research, and solutions for managing emerging pollutants to improve and protect water quality in a changing world.

Organized by the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the conference aims to:

  • explore the relations between water and emerging pollutants;
  • determine the appropriate water policies and technologies to motivate change in water management, business, and policy priorities to address emerging pollutants;
  • highlight the bold policy and institutional change needed to support the transformation to ensure better and more reliable water quality;
  • showcase successful efforts of innovative, nature-positive, and technological solutions for improved water quality; and
  • examine the life cycle management of emerging pollutants to find solutions.

Emerging pollutants include pharmaceuticals, industrial and household chemicals, personal care products, metals, surfactants, industrial additives and solvents, pesticides, and manufactured nanomaterials, as well as their transformation products.

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dates: 17-19 January 2023
location: virtual
www: https://iwraonlineconference.org/

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