20 September 2015 New York City, US
Children’s Summit on the World’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Children's Summit on the World's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will finalize a 2015 Children's Declaration on the SDGs, which is expected to address issues related to biodiversity loss, climate change, education, food, health, injustice, poverty and water, among others. The Declaration will be presented to leaders and decision-makers at the UN and beyond. The event will also discuss the role of children in saving the planet, promoting better access to the rights of children and implementing the SDGs. The child authors of the UN/Voices of Future Generations International Children's Book Series are organizing the Children's Declaration. Interested children are invited to contribute to the Declaration in advance of the Summit, using a link on the Voices of Future Generations website.  

date: 20 September 2015  
venue: UN Headquarters, Conference Room 6  
location: New York City, US  
www: http://voicesoffuturegenerations.org/