12-17 August 2018 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
21st World Congress of Soil Science

Convening under the theme, ‘Soil Science: Beyond Food and Fuel,’ the conference will address soil science’s contribution to developing resilient agricultural practices to accommodate environmental and climatic changes and threats to food security. The meeting will highlight the role of soils and soil science in food production and environmental conservation, as well as their relationship to water quality, protection of biodiversity, reduction of poverty, production of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture intensification.

The conference is organized by the International Union of Soil Science, Latin American Soil Science Society and Brazilian Soil Science Society, with support from local partners, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), the Global Soil Partnership and others.

dates: 12-17 August 2018
location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
www: https://www.21wcss.org/index.php

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