20 March 2023 Principality of Monaco, Monaco
14th Meeting of the Monaco Blue Initiative

The 14th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI 14) will kick off the Monaco Ocean Week under the presidency of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. Monaco Ocean Week, which takes place from 19-25 March 2023, will bring together representatives from governments, the private sector, financial and scientific institutions, and civil society to discuss issues related to Ocean protection. 

MBI 14 will focus on:

  • Sustainable fisheries: reconciling conservation and exploitation in the next decade and beyond;
  • Highly protected marine protected areas (MPAs), what is at stake and what the vision is for 2030;
  • The role of marine ecosystem restoration in achieving the SDGs; and
  • Raising ambition and scaling solutions for a protected, resilient, and sustainable Mediterranean Sea.

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date: 20 March 2023
location: Principality of Monaco, Monaco
www: https://www.monacoblueinitiative.org/en/