World Bank Sustainability Review Shows Efforts to Reduce Water and Paper Use, Offset Emissions
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The World Bank published the results of its environmental corporate responsibility study for fiscal year 2011, showcasing a wide effort to promote sustainable practices within World Bank buildings, and to offset emissions attributed to Bank activities.

World Bank3 May 2012: The World Bank’s Fiscal Year 2011 Sustainability Review highlights the Bank’s efforts to reduce water and paper use and offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributable to Bank activities.

The Review monitors efforts and results to manage the World Bank Group’s carbon footprint, reporting on GHG emissions, greening the Bank’s facilities and buildings, sustainable procurement, and changing employees’ behavior to reduce their individual environmental footprints. Among 2011 achievements are the LEED gold award for two of the Bank’s Washington, DC buildings, electric car charger stations and ample bicycle parking facilities, and disposal sites for used batteries and cell phones. Efforts are underway to control and offset increased emissions due to a jump in business travel.

Regarding procurement, the World Bank requires its vendors to adhere to child labor protection policies as well as sustainability criteria for purchased paper. It also recognizes “sustainable champions” in the different divisions at the Bank to promote personal commitment to sustainability by employees. [World Bank Sustainability Review]