29 October 2012
World Bank Publishes Reports on Viet Nam’s Handwashing Behavior
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The World Bank published two reports on the outcomes of a project to promote handwashing in Vietnam.

World BankSeptember 2012: The World Bank has published two reports on handwashing behavior in Viet Nam. The reports are both part of the Global Scaling Up Handwashing Project, which aimed to learn how to stimulate improved handwashing behaviors at large scale, sustain the activities after the project ended, and measure the impact on behavioral, health and welfare outcomes.

“Results, Impacts, and Learning from Vietnam” is a Learning Note on the Vietnam Handwashing Initiative (HWI), which was implemented from 2006 to 2010. The goal of the HWI was to reduce morbidity and mortality from diarrheal diseases in children less than five years old. The HWI found that practical tools enable replication and expansion, leaders could facilitate greater programme reach, and that when it comes to changing behavior on a societal scale, the role of social norms needs further exploration and focus for future hygiene promotion programmes in Viet Nam.

“Handwashing Behavior Change at Scale: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Vietnam” evaluated Vietnam’s large-scale handwashing campaign. The campaign reported that it was successful in reaching the target audience and increasing knowledge of good handwashing practice. However, observation rates of handwashing in homes were low and the improvements in handwashing behavior reported by caregivers were not significant enough to impact child health or time spent caring for sick children. The report outlines the randomized evaluation of the HWI and its key impacts.

Both reports highlight the achievements, learning, and reflection of the Vietnam Handwashing Initiative (HWI). [Publication: Results, Impacts, and Learning from Vietnam] [Publication: Handwashing Behavior Change at Scale: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Vietnam]

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