World Bank Institute Calls on Young African Activists to Participate in Youth Parliament
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A call for applications by the World Bank Institute welcomes youth leaders from African Commonwealth countries to participate in a Youth Parliament Session on Climate Change, in London, UK, from 7-9 September 2011.

World Bank1 August 2011: The World Bank Institute has called for applications by youth leaders, between 18-30 years old, from Commonwealth countries in Africa and working on environment or climate change issues, to join a special session on climate change of the Youth Parliament.

The goal of the climate change special session, which will take place from 7-9 September 2011, in London, UK, is to empower youth parliamentary groups and help them to engage members of Parliament more effectively on issues related to climate change. The application deadline is 5 August 2011, and costs of African youth representatives will be covered by the conference sponsors. The outcome of this conference will be a publication on parliaments and climate change. [World Bank Institute Press Release]

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