World Bank, GEF Support Argentina’s Third National Communication to UNFCCC
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Argentina's Third National Communication to the UNFCCC will update information on its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for each emitting sector, allowing it to identify mitigation measures.

1 February 2011: Argentina is preparing its Third National Communication to the UNFCCC with a US$2.4 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which will be carried out with the World Bank as implementing agent.

This study will provide updated information regarding Argentina’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, allowing it to identify mitigation measures. Argentina presented its First National Communication in 1997 (revised in 1999), and its Second National Communication in 2006. The Third National Communication aims to: strengthen the national potential for climate change mitigation through updating the national GHG emission inventory for each emitting sector; elaborate tools and procedures for improving data collection and management; and evaluate and elaborate mitigation measures and policies. It will also support the execution of studies on mitigation potential in those sectors with the greatest carbon footprint.

The study is further expected to strengthen the National Adaptation Agenda and identify priority areas for adaptation; and build institutional capacities at the national, provincial and municipal levels. [World Bank Press Release]