World Bank Briefs NGOs on Consultations for Energy and Environment Strategies
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The first round of global multistakeholder consultations for updated strategies on Energy and Environment have been completed.

7 October 2010: The World Bank organized, on 7 October 2010, in Washington, DC, US, a briefing for NGOs regarding the recently completed first round of global multistakeholder consultations for updated strategies on Energy and Environment.

Lucio Monari, Sector Manager, Energy Anchor, World Bank, briefed participants on the input received during consultations on the Bank’s Energy Strategy, and Michele de Nevers, Senior Manager, Environment Department, World Bank, reviewed the consultation process for the Bank’s Environment Strategy. De Nevers noted that the preparation timeline for the Environment Strategy has been extended to allow it to be developed in tandem with the Energy Strategy. She said the full report is expected to be available in March 2011.

Consultations on the Environment Strategy have emphasized, inter alia, the need to promote: a new development paradigm; capacity building, including governance and institutions and expanding the knowledgebase; and a results-based framework and measuring what has been accomplished. De Nevers said the 2001 World Bank Environment Strategy remains valid, but important changes, especially the food and fuel crises and climate change, need to be incorporated. She indicated that goals to be set in the Strategy are likely to include: transforming growth paths, including through the diffusion of existing techniques and technologies; maximizing wealth creation from natural resource use; managing risks, including climate change; and modernizing safeguard policies at the World Bank. [7 October Update Event Webpage] [World Bank Environment Strategy Consultations Webpage] [World Bank Energy Strategy Consultations Webpage]

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