3 October 2017
UNFCCC “Shines a Light” on Climate Projects Focused on Women, ICTs and Finance
UN Photo/Christopher Herwig
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A UNFCCC report highlights 13 innovative, scalable and practical projects being undertaken to combat climate change.

The featured climate action projects, or Lighthouse Activities, focus on women’s leadership and participation in tackling climate change, financing for climate-friendly investment, and information and communication technologies.

The report constitutes the 2016 annual report of the UNFCCC Momentum for Change initiative.

25 September 2017: A UNFCCC report highlights a range of “innovative, scalable and practical” projects being undertaken to combat climate change. The publication “shines a light” on 13 climate action projects, or “Lighthouse Activities,” focused on women, financing and information and communication technologies (ICTs). The projects are showcased through video, pictures and infographics.

The ‘Women for Results’ projects recognize women’s leadership and participation in tackling climate change, and are supported by the Masdar’s Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy (WiSER) initiative. They include: fog harvesting in Morocco; community-led clean energy projects in India; women as agents of change and innovation in Uganda; and accelerating investment in women’s empowerment in Nepal.

The report includes such initiatives as a Google project mapping how roofs of residential dwellings can be used for clean solar energy and a project on harvesting drinking water from fog.

Another set of projects recognizes successful climate change activities in ICT, and is implemented in partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, which published a report showing that ICT-enabled solutions can reduce emissions by 19%, save US$2.3 trillion in energy and fuel costs, and avoid 12.08 gigatonnes of carbon emissions. ICT solutions projects include: a climate impact app that aids carbon tracking in Sweden; real-time data connecting mangrove plantations in Malaysia; mapping for rights in various countries; and a solar project in the US.

The financing for climate-friendly investment projects showcase successful financial innovations for adaptation and mitigation, and are implemented in partnership with the World Economic Forum Global Project on Climate Change. Projects address solar energy in the Netherlands and Tanzania, carbon pricing in Canada and green bonds in Sweden.

Compiled by the UNFCCC Momentum for Change initiative, the report constitutes the initiative’s 2016 annual report. Momentum for Change showcases innovative and transformative solutions that address climate change, as well as broader economic, social and environmental challenges. [UNFCCC News Story] [Momentum for Change Interactive Digital Report]

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